What is MOMED?

The Mother of all Relief.

Made in the USA. Organically-Cultivated Colorado Grown Hemp. Full-Spectrum Hemp Distillate Oil.

For our formula, our team researched to find high-quality, pure, and effective full-spectrum hemp extract. Grown in Colorado by expert farmers, our organically-cultivated, industrial hemp is extracted through a supercritical C02 process and then refined to a full-spectrum extract that harnesses all of the natural benefits of hemp with none of the psychoactive effects. Our full-spectrum hemp oil contains less than .3% THC.

Our proprietary, physician-developed topical products combine the best natural ingredients and organically cultivated, full-spectrum, hemp oil extract. Our unique combination of ingredients works together to enhance the natural benefits of hemp oil by providing fast-absorbing, and soothing relief.

Lab Tested. Mother Approved.

We know it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Each and every MOMED product is third-party lab tested to ensure potency and purity. Using CannVerify technology, scan the QR code on our jars to verify the authenticity of the product in your hands. Each registered serial number will provide you with the product name, potency, product description, product photos, and lab results. You can verify it.

Two Formulas. Maximum Strength.

Discomfort is hard but relief should not be. That’s why we’ve made it simple. We offer two formulas at maximum strength. Offered in various sizes for your needs, our potency is always the same.

For our first formula, we worked to create a product that provided cooling and soothing relief. Our MOMED X-Tra Strength beeswax-based Salve provides 10 to 15mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per pea-size amount. Combined with Arnica, Lidocaine, and Menthol our physician formulated salve provides you with the relief you need in a matter of minutes.

Try it, you can feel it.

When we created our second, patent-pending formula, we strived to create a product that would tackle that “pins & needles,” type of discomfort. We combined the warming ingredient of Capsaicin with hemp-derived hemp extract, Lidocaine, and calming Lavender. MOMED Neuro, our warming lotion provides 10 to 15mg per nickel size amount.

Because of the strong effects of Capsaicin, it’s important to make sure you wash your hands before and after, and test on a small patch of skin.

Relief in the Palm of your Hand.

Now introducing your relief companion. We’ve taken our X-Tra Strength Salve and Neuro Lotion and created a roll-on version. Now take your favorite modality of relief and experience the Mother of all Relief when you’re on the go.

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