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When I hurt my back, I searched far and wide for a product that would provide relief. I found CBD to be effective, but I couldn’t be sure of exactly what I was buying. So I decided to create my own. I teamed up with a few partners, including my dad, who has been a pain-management physician for 40+ years. 

We worked to craft a blend of the best natural and scientific high-quality ingredients. From the very beginning, we prided ourselves on quality— so we are thrilled to be bringing MoMed to you. Each of our products comes with a batch record to see the ingredients of the product you’re holding in your hand. 

We believe that everyone deserves high-quality pain relief. Thank you for supporting our small business and our mission.

Ursula Bonner
MoMed Founder & CEO 
Wayne, PA

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Third-Party Lab Tested

Physician Formulated

Made in the USA



Ursula Bonner is the CEO and founder of MOMED Inc. Her desire to create MOMED stemmed from her belief that pain relief should be for all people.

She combines her previous work with high-touch client services (Expert at Apple) and her medical marketing knowledge (Director of Marketing at IHCC) to provide a customer-focused, education-based experience.

During her free time, she loves to take her poodle on walks, teach her conure new words, and spend time with her wife.

Ursula Bonner

Founder & CEO


Tsehaitu is an Entrepreneur and Accountability Coach who helps wellness professionals and Cannabis brands build an informed and engaged audience through marketing and sales strategies.

Before entering the wellness community, Tsehaitu spent many years creating collective communities at startups and labor unions across the U.S. After completing her MBA from an HBCU in Philadelphia, Tsehaitu now combines her passion for social justice, leadership, and creativity to create interactive wellness experiences for underrepresented communities.

Tsehaitu enjoys songwriting, traveling, and supporting friends and family in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Tsehaitu Abye

Director of Marketing

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